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    Changing from Phenom 955 125w to FX-8300 causing random restarts and freezes


      Hello. This thread will be quite big and I will do my best to describe the issue as  best as I can.



      As from 03/11/2017 I have contacted AMD support and also AMD Warranty request.



      AMD Service Request: {ticketno:[8200776915]}

      AMD Support Ticket : 1632085






      Hardware description:



      Mainboard Model M5A97 R2.0 (0x00000235 - 0x1550A840)

      Specification AMD FX(tm)-8300 Eight-Core Processor

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 - ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

      PSU: 520w Antec 80 plus



      2x 4GB Corsair CMV4GX3M1A1333C9








      45 days ago I bought a new CPU, the FX 8300, to replace my old phenom 955.

      When I changed, i noticed that sometimes, when i would first boot my computer it would restart immediatly as it reached the windows login.

      I thought it was a windows issue, so I upgraded to windows 10. Same problem.

      To mitigate it, I disabled all the features (cool and quiet, C6 state, etc). It helped. However,

      shortly after, random freezes started and i had to restart.



      This is the funny thing :

      When I go to sleep and turn the computer 8 hours later, it randomly restarts. HOWEVER, after that, if i keep restarting or shutting it down and turning it on, it wont

      random restart at all! It seems there must be some hours between each powering/on/off for it to random restart.





      To TRY solve this, I did a lot of research and I disabled every possible feature, set every possible variable in BIOS but nothing.

      I have even downgraded the bios to 2501, but nothing.



      I ran memtest for days, I ran windows RAM test, SFC scannow as well, I ran prime95, I ran HD Tuner Pro, everything... Nothing gave any error. It seems the random restarts only happen when the computer isnt on use.



      Nothing else on my PC has changed. So I decided to call AMD and request for a support, they told me, the only thing I could do would be to test in another computer or

      to test another FX CPU, which I dont have, obviously.





      Im attaching every bios screen and CPU-Z screenshot that I took.





      Reminder : The current bios is not the newest one because after several attempts, I read somewhere that I should try to downgrade it to see if it would help. I didnt upgrade the bios again.





      Anyway, Im currently a master degree student and I use my computer for the dissertation and work. So I cant just give away my CPU to AMD and wait freaking 1 month for them to realize what they did wrong.

      I need an urgent replacement and I hope they will support me, or  I might just change my whole build to Intel ( as suggested by my colleagues before I got AMD).






      Questions :



      A) Might be a defective CPU?



      B) Incompatibility with Memory ?



      C) Any suggestions ?

















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