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    Please help about Ryzen Threadripper 1950x


      Why cpu-z or another programs show me just 4 core. Did i miss something? What should i do?


      Thank you.

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          Core limiter disabled in msconfig?

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                If Windows and BIOS is showing the correct number, then it's just a detection error in CPUz.

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                  AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ for gaming



                  "Introducing Game Mode

                  Making a hugely multi-core CPU that’s ready for gaming is a challenging effort, because most PC games are designed for the typical 4-8 core processor. When greater core counts enter the picture, things can get squirrelly: poor thread scheduling can reduce performance, or (more rarely) the game may simply not run at all. The Threadripper team at AMD spent a long time thinking about how we can help our customers avoid these scenarios altogether, and we call it Game Mode.


                  Game Mode is a new feature in AMD Ryzen™ Master  that reconfigures the platform in two key ways:

                  • It temporarily disables half of the CPU cores, which turns the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X into an 8C16T device (like the AMD Ryzen™ 1800X) and the 1920X into a 6C12T device (like the AMD Ryzen™ 1600X). For the truly technical, this is a 4+4 CCX configuration on one die. This ensures the game encounters the number of cores it was truly designed to handle. Please note that Game Mode does not disable SMT.
                  • We tell the OS to use a Local Mode (NUMA) memory, which keeps a game and its memory footprint inside one CPU die and the locally-connected DRAM. This minimizes several key latency points in the system, which most games love."


                  Make sure you have Game Mode Disabled in AMD Ryzen™ Master since it disables 8 cores to improve on gaming performance.

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