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Problem Driver 15.93 released on Asus R7 370 2 gb VRAM strix

Question asked by fuegomexicano on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2017 by ray_m

Hello, how are you friends, how are you? Well, I hope you do this post because of artifacts problems on the graphics card R7 370 Asus Strix 2gbs with the last driver if I'm not wrong 15.93, I told you how I realized this problem. game etc. I was playing with this controller I was obviously playing Company of Heroes 2 and halfway through the game the same game started flashing I switched from full screen mode to window mode and changed some units of different colors I thought at the time my video card is failing I proceeded to close the aforementioned game to avoid damage, after closing it I got an error message and a blue screen with a very clear mendaje in English, I do not remember exactly the error but to investigate after my pc was rebooted was jn very common error in Windows 10 with Amd I just had to return to the previous driver, when changing the driver I did not have any problem, the point is that before I upgraded it and without being playing I appeared on my Facebook from scratch a few points of colors and then the image was marked and then these artifacts appeared tremendously horrible the screen was seen I proceeded to restart it so that it would not I would have hurt the same hardware clear wait a bit to see if I threw a screen so blue thing that did not happen and better to restart it, to restart it and everything was corrected but I decided to go back to the previous graphics, not to jeopardize my video card or worse yet some other component use fuxmark to make a test and the card is fine without errors I tried the gta v and also without any errors so I would like to tell me your experience maybe it just happens to my clear will be different for those who do not have the same chip, and I want to ask you something that I am in doubt I only see in device manager my R7 370 Asus Strix as a screen adapter this is normal or should the screen adapter of the motherboard be synonymous? That said I hope your opinion have a good day