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Strange temperature after RMA

Question asked by ozozuz on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by ozozuz

Hello guys, i just recived my new R5 1600 as an RMA replacement for my old one with seg-fault bug, but i'm noticing a very strange behavior.
The old cpu was able to stay stock at around 1.15v with idle temp of ~24C , the new one is stable at ~0.97v while never dropping under 35C !
Same thing while oc, the old cpu was able to reach 3.725Ghz (x37.25) with 1.25v, the new one with 1.17v, the old one idle a ~25 and load at 59, the new one idle at 37and load at 64.
All this while using a very big aftermarket cooler rated for 230W Tdp, idling with the stock cooler at default settings will cause the cpu to stay at around 40-45C

Nothing has changed during the rma, same components, same settings, same everythings, already tried to install the heatsink again.


At the same time, while in bios the temperature stay easly under 30, even 28-27 and as far as i know, bios temp should be higher than idle in windows ( with idle i mean 0-1% utilization )


How is this possibile ?