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    No Crossfire and Driver Conflicts R9 M290X


      Hi guys, I am new to the forums, but have used AMD graphics cards for many years now.


      Please can somebody advise on the following issues I am experiencing.


      I have a Laptop running with the following specifications:

      Screenshot (43).png


      I had it custom built by PcSpecialist a number of years ago now and  it should still be a fairly capable machine for running games.


      I am having some ongoing issues:


      When I update the graphics card drivers for the R9 M290X through this AMD website , it installs Crimson edition (latest)

      When I go to device manager, the display adapters drivers are now replaced with HD 8970M drivers.


      This can be resolved by automaticly downloading the latest drivers through windows (returns to R9 M290X)


      Something is not quite right with the pairing of the latest crimson edition driver software and the R9 M290X drivers.



      I regularly experience game crashes with various games, some perform better than others.


      What I suspect is happening is that only one graphics card is functioning.


      Screenshot (38).png


      I believe that Crossfire needs to be enabled in order for the second GPU to be enabled ?

      However, with the latest version of Crimson edition, there is no option for me to enable crossfire with the currently installed drivers / display adapters.

      My laptop has two power supply units to support thr additional graphics card.

      Screenshot (40).png

      Screenshot (41).png



      The option for crossfire is not there in Global settings either.


      Please can anybody help , so as I can install the correct drivers / software to get my laptop performing as it should be.


      Any advice appreciated and hopefuly this might help others with simmilar issues.

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            Windows 8.1 support has been discontinued for Radeon products, you might wish to consider upgrading to Windows 10.


            Laptop drivers are reference drivers, therefore products may be listed under a different name after the driver is installed. This has no impact on performance.


            If you want your products to be listed as they were originally, you will need to install drivers provided by the laptop drivers.


            Finally, there is no global option to enable Crossfire, you enable Crossfire on a per application basis.

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            Hi Ray, thank you for getting back to me.

            There is a universal option for crossfire, but it has to be enabled through additional settings.

            The setting will not appear though, if two functioning graphics cards are not available on the system !!!


            I have learned a lot this past week and there is always more to learn.


            My next reply will be in more detail and hopefully be of some benefit to other forum users further down the line

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              I exhausted all efforts to resolve the issue via updating drivers, requesting technical support, windows updates many , many updates.

              Lots of diagnostics and testing to the best of my abilities and a lot of research online.


              Today was time to have an enthusiastic attempt at diagnosing the hardware side of things hands on.


              I opened the case and went for the jugular. (First time with this notebook as it is no longer under warranty)




              Last Image is the defective Card.

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                Trouble Shooting Steps


                Test 1:



                Both GPU's removed.

                Bridging cable intact / no obvious problems.

                (not a dedicated crossfire cable though, not sure if this matters.



                Tried to boot system without any GPU fitted.

                No integrated graphics card on mother board, so this was not possible.( Alarm sound / bleep at startup attempt)



                Test 2:



                Fitted primary GPU back into it's original slot to test functionality and check for errors.

                Start system with just this card.

                No problems.



                Test 3:



                Switched primary GPU accross to the other slot and the machine would not boot from this slot.( Alarm sound / bleep at startup attempt)

                Start up abandoned.



                Test 4:



                Install problematic GPU into primary startup slot.

                System started up.

                No Alarm.

                No visual display output on screen.



                This suggests a problem with this individual card, may it be BIOS or other. (it does not behave in the same way as the other card)





                Test 5:



                Install problematic GPU into secondry slot.

                Attempt startup from secondry slot.

                ( Alarm sound / bleep at startup attempt)

                Start up abandoned.



                Test 6: Install both GPU's with bridge, but switched to opposite startup slot.

                        The problematic card is in the primary startup slot

                        Normal functioning card in secondry slot.



                        System powers up , but no display output.

                        No Alarm.



                Test 7: Switch back to original dual GPU setup.

                        System starts up.

                        visual display ok.

                        Same problem exists with the second GPU, it will not start, is disabled, defective in some way.

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                  If anybody is selling a cheap R9 M290X - please feel free to contact me.

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                      Having had time to think this over some more and look back through some earlier attempts at diagnostics, I believe the problem with the defective card is actually a BIOS one.


                      The card that works has UEFI compatable BIOS.


                      The defective card is running on different BIOS that do not have UEFI support.


                      I am going to learn how to update the BIOS.


                      Will share the results here when done.

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                      After 1 week of diagnostics and testing and going against 'expert' advice from other technical support sources, I have found the solution to the problem.


                      Crossfire now works in 'Global'


                      Both cards are working for the first time ever.


                      I know this due to the fix applied.