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computer crashes after the screen turns red/brown & striped

Question asked by olof on Nov 3, 2017
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I have a major problem with my computer. Everytime I try to play a game it crashes. The screen turns completley red or brown with stripes and the computer makes a mechanical sound and then shuts down. The first time it happened I was playing Civilization 6 and I had been playing for a couple of hours before the problem happened. Afterwards it has become more severe and now it happens as soon as I try to start most games. For games that demand very little of my computer like Hearthstone it also appears but after a little longer time. The problem sometimes flickers by at first before crashing for real. I have treid to completly reinstalling my computer to it's fabric settings but the problem persists. If someone knows what could be wrong and how to fix it I would greatley appriciate it.


My computer information:

Intel Core i5 4460

AMD Radeon R9-270 2 GB

16 GB DD3

128 GB SSD + 2TB