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    Black Screen When Updating Drivers - HD 8750M Win 10


      Laptop specs:

      Acer Aspire E1-572G
      i3 4010u
      AMD Radeon 8750M HD 2gb and Intel HD 4400 Graphics

      4gb ram

      Windows 10 64 bit Pro
      Ever since the crimson utility came o ut I always encountered some problems while installing it. Usually when i try to install it it always freezes and when i restart my pc the screen is black and it wont boot(it shows windows logo but then it goes black). I found a solution to fix this black screen problem via accessing safe mode, then device manager then uninstalling graphics card and i would after be able to access my windows normally.After that, in normal mode i would install graphics card through device manager and it would automatically download windows' updates for graphics card. I tried numerous times to install every version of crimson utility but only one worked(the version that was before 17.10.2) and when i wanted to install the update(17.10.2) same thing happened, screen has been frozen, restart then black screen... I mean, I have some integrated drivers which windows downloads automatically but while i was using the crimson utility and customizing its settings i noticed 40% overall better performance of my laptop which is the reason im starting this thread.
      Anyone with simillar problems or maybe solution to this?
      P.S. Intel hd graphics card drivers are installed and are working


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