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    17.10.2-17.10.3 Vega56 unusable/crashing




      I'm getting desperate. I can't use my Vega 56 anymore since this series of drivers completly crashed my Windows 10 with hard resets. So I completly reinstalled Windows 10 FCU and those divers crash on install and then remain in a broken state and hard reset the system randomly. The same happens on my RX480. I'm using 17.9.3 for now but they still crash my Vega, RX480 runs fine. It honestly feels like those drivers killed my Vega and I'm about to return it. There were absolutely ZERO issues with it before 17.10.2/3 but now it crashes even on older drivers (maybe older drivers incompatible with FCU?). Any words of hope?


      I checked all my other computer components, even changed memory, all without errors.