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3dmark 0 score in firestrike

Question asked by islandsnow on Nov 2, 2017
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just built my 2nd ryzen 1800x with rx vega 64,  and just loaded the 17.3.x  ?  forgot the exact latest revision, but it's whatever is the latest crimson driver.   After loading it in windows 64,  my score is now 0 on fire strike extreme.    It ran on my first ryzen computer giving me decent scores.     I tried running time spy,  black screen with a white screen in the top left corner,   is this a driver issue,  or a faulty video card?    I will try some more games tonight,  i just finished loading everything yesterday and didn't have these kinds of problems on my first build.   No blue screen or anything.   Will compare tonight with my first build as that one is running all benchmarks.   3dmark will come up sometimes saying it can't find a video card that supports our tests or something like that.   After i downloaded windows 10 updates with direct x 12,  then it allowed me to download all tests, but now they don't run  like they should.   oh  the black screen timespy,  came up with a score of 7052 or something which was pretty high.  Firestrike came up with 0 score.   My first computer is the same except it has a xfx rx vega 64.   Stock speeds,  memory using xmp profile 1 to set at oc 3200 which has been running stable on my first computer.    Windows itself seems stable and is able to boot and launch programs.   I get a white box sometimes out of the blue in windows that says something about an opengl error.  so i think it's something to do with drivers or video card. 


Windows 10 home 64bit

gigabyte gaming 5

gigabyte rx vega 64

trident z 3200mhz at 4x16gb cl14


Any thoughts?