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Can't seem to activate FreeSync with an LG 32UD59

Question asked by martinusv2 on Nov 1, 2017
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I just got a LG 4k monitor LG 32UD59. It's supposed to be FreeSync compatible. But from the AMD Radeon Settings, I get the AMD FreeSync Not supported.

I did activate the FreeSync inside the monitor. It set to basic. There is also an extended mode but it doesn't work either.

Weird thing is I got a notification from the AMD Radeon Settings : "You have connected a AMD FreeSync technology(or DP Adapative-Sync) supported monitor..."


Computer spec:


AMD Ryzen 1800+ on Gigabyte Gaming 5.

32gb ram

1tb Samsung 850 Evo SSD (primary)

2tb Seagate SSHD

XFX Vega 64 + water cooling

Monitor LG 32UD59 on HDMI. FreeSync mode set to Basic.

Windows 10 64b Fall Creator Update

Crimson 17.10.3