AMD usage share plummets on Steam, from 17.1% to 10.8%, in October.

Discussion created by black_zion on Nov 2, 2017
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And why is this important? Same reason it was after last month's large drop, AMD touts Vega specific features, but with that usage share, what incentive to developers have to use them? Decidedly not good news with the GTX 1070 Ti taking on Vega 56, with performance nudging the 1080. It's also not good for consumers either, as AMD is enabling prices to stay high.



A quick look at the prices shows why. The RX 580 is still $40 higher than launch price (thank you cryptominers), and $20 more expensive than the same power GTX 1060



And Vega 64 reference is still more expensive than the GTX 1080 custom, which pulls half the power.