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Microsoft Will End Final Free Windows 10 Upgrade Program On December 31

Question asked by kingfish on Nov 1, 2017
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Microsoft Will End Final Free Windows 10 Upgrade Program On December 31 - ExtremeTech

Microsoft offered Windows users a free upgrade to Windows 10 back when the operating system was released. In fact, Microsoft was so insistent people take the free upgrade it came under fire for essentially tricking people into installing it. The official free upgrade offer has been over for more than a year, but now Microsoft is ending the final workaround that let you get Windows 10 by telling a little white lie.

The ongoing free upgrade offer was implemented for anyone who wanted Windows 10 for its enhanced accessibility features. All you have to do is go to the landing page and promise that you are upgrading specifically because you need these features. Of course, Microsoft has no way of knowing if that’s true. You won’t be able to get the free upgrade to Windows 10 this way after December 31, 2017. The upgrade offer is valid for anyone willing to make the above pledge and is already running Windows 7 or 8.1.

Should you need a Windows 10 upgrade after the December 31st cutoff, you’ll probably have to pay for it. A license for the Home edition starts at about $75 for a system builder OEM copy that is tied to a specific PC. Retail copies with less restrictive licensing are a bit more expensive, as is the professional version of the operating system. However, Microsoft is reportedly planning to increase prices for Windows on some devices. That makes the decision to end the free upgrade just a little suspicious.


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