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    Gaming perfomance on the (RYZEN R7 1800X + RADEON R9 Fury X) 3 Games Test..


      Hi all BuGGzLuVa here, I have decided to do a little round up of my systems Gaming performance.


      Gaming showcase.jpg



      These were Originally created as Video overlay for some content I planed on creating, as there's already numerous Videos showing the performance of the Fury X on YouTube I decided not to.


      As I was looking threw these I remember the work that went into them, I've decided to do a 3 Game round up of the systems performance right now.


      It should also give me a good idea of the performance uplift I get when I finally get my Vega 64 in.


      I decided to choose these Games as for me they are all well optimized, and scaled when I overclocked the system.


      I Benchmark the Games @Both Stock and Overclocked, each Game Run was repeated 3 Times and the AVG score was taken,these can be directly compared to good old Steve's Benchmark numbers Over @Hardware Unboxed, I tend to use his Benchmark Runs as a point of reference.



      First up is Battlefield 1, @1920-1080 & 2560-1440.

      Bench bf1 Video Overlay.jpg



      Secondly here is Quake Championship,  @1920-1080 & 2560-1440.

      Bench Quake Video Overlay.jpg



      Lastly here are the results for the Prey Runs. @1920-1080 & 2560-1440.

      Bench prey Video Overlay.jpg


      I did plan on adding a couple more Games two of them being Battlefront 2, And PUBG, after me posting a couple of Battlefront 2 Videos over on YouTube there no real need for me to do that and PUBG to get any sort of consistence in that Game is near impossible really, On AVG High/Ultra setting @1920-1080 ill be hitting aroound 80ish FPS.



      Final Fantasy Storm Blood @ 1920-1080 Maximum settings, I haven't run this before so have no idea weather this is any good or not.



      Thank you all for taking the time to read this, Happy Gaming.


      BuGGzLuVas -GamingPC-Tech