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Power Efficiency toggle still doesn't work properly. Since 17.4.4

Question asked by semitope on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2017 by semitope

With some drivers it randomly goes to off. With others it stays in on position but then doesn't behave like it should. In 2D applications it runs up to 700+ Mhz and I watch the power consumption go up as well.


Normally it stays near 300Mhz (when working properly) and the power consumption stays lower.


Even in 17.4.4 the behaviour is not consistent as I am observing now. Its in 17.4.4 and below that it seems to work the best though its still not ideal.


In 17.10.3 the toggle stays on but the GPU still boosts higher than it should. when its working properly, tested with thinkorswim up, the GPU stays in the low 300MHz range. Then for whatever reason this behaviour changes and it stays on but boosts higher. Sometimes instead of keeping it on, the settings software straight up turns it off. I think after switching it back on is when it stops acting right while its supposedly on.


I also have an issue where the wattman settings reset after restarts (with a notification saying it failed and was reset). but getting power efficiency working properly is more important to me. I don't see why the GPU can't just do what its supposed to do when not gaming.


I also dont like that the setting goes to off when i run a game but not back on after the game. It should stay on if I set it on. Always.