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Driver issues with WX9100 installed with WX7100

Question asked by nedular on Nov 1, 2017

Very poor performance and installation problems when using a WX7100 along with a WX9100 in a system (I have my reasons).

ASUS X99-WS 10G motherboard.

Windows 10 Enterprise 2016

Intel XEON E5 1650 v4 3.60Ghz

64Gb ram

Samsung 960 EVO M.2 PCI

1 x 1920 on the WX7100 and 6 x 3840 x 2160 on WX9100

Tried various drivers such as 17Q3, 17Q4, BETA for Fall Creators update, Enterprise 1730RC9-171011a-318541E-RadeonProEnterprise etc.

Getting black screens on boot up, poor performance on playback of 4k streams.

No option to load "Optional drivers" errors when starting the Radeon Pro control panel on first run.

Anyone else using this combination of cards successfully?