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RX480 heavy fps drops in seconds in Destiny2

Question asked by samsemilia on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2017 by samsemilia

Hi together, sorry for some bad english.

My specs:

  • Asus RX480 8GB
  • Desktop / Windows 10 64bit
  • Driver 17.10.3 (same problem with previous driver)
  • MB Asus Z170 Pro Gaming, Bios 3501
  • CPU i5 6600k
  • Power Supply Enermax 730W Gold+
  • RAM 16GB


If I start Destiny 2, the game runs Smooth in the first 3-5 minutes, then it starts to lagg heavy.

Every 2 sec it's an up and down between smooth and laggy.

In the WattMan Screenshot below you can see the up and down rly good.

Absolutely wayne what graphic settings ingame are used, tried from min up to max.

Happens in every situation, in full action, standing still, have opened only a vendor window, beeing in ingame settings menue.


Driver is complete standard settings and got a complete fresh install with a previous complete deinstall with amd deinstaller.

No overclock in my system.

No third party programs.

My CPU never run higher then 50-60%.

All temps are in best position.




But I experienced since 17.+ driver version a lot of problems like... I use 2 Screens, one for gaming, the other to do other things and everytime my game has a loadscreen in any game, the other monitor application is stuttering, ex. youtube videos are stopping and only the sound still runs.

Some other games have similiar problems like destiny, but only very rare for only a sec.

Have the card since ~4months, no rly fps problems since them, until now.