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Firepro V5900 unable to correctly recognize monitor capabilities

Question asked by rolfjack on Nov 1, 2017

Dear AMD community


I have acquired a Ruige TL1730HD studio monitor and want to connect it to my AMD Firepro V5900 on a Dell T7600 running Windows 7


The computer recognizes the monitor as a KXD LCDTV monitor, but will not allow me to set the screen resolution any higher than 1280x720 although it is capable of 1920x1080.


I have tried connecting the monitor to another computer also running windows 7 (using an nvidia adapter) and it worked fine. It therefore seems that the problem may be the display adapter.


I have looked into workarounds involving manually setting refresh frequencies etc. but it seems complicated and somewhat dangerous.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Rolf