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Device Manager only showing Integrated graphics and not Dedicated?

Question asked by 3pointsup on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by ray_m

Alienware M17x (Late 2014 Model)

i7-4710MQ (2.5GHz)

AMD R9 290x-Dedicated

AMD HD8970M- Integrated


Running on Windows 10 Home



I'm updated to the latest drivers and have everything updated in Windows as well. It's only showing the 8970 in the device manager and I can't find the 290x being mentioned anywhere, and I can't play any games anymore. Trying to play Fifa 18 or Assassins Creed Origins causes failure due to Direct 11x issues, I looked into those drivers and I'm up to date on those as well. I've looked online for the "switchable graphics" option in the Radeon settings and I have found it nowhere. It used to be with the Catalyst Control Center, which was easy to use by the way, but instead, they've "claimed" to roll it into this settings. Well please tell me where it is located because It's not showing anywhere in mine. I've even tried restoring to an earlier point, and system rebooting to a clean install of windows and still, nothing works. And yes I have tried showing hidden devices on the device manager and still nothing, even went into the Bios to try and find the problem but it was only showing the 8970 as the discrete graphics. Send help