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    R9 270X Win 10 - Black Screen

      • GPU: Sapphire Radeon R9 270X 2GB
      • Desktop
      • Operation system: Windows 10 64bit
      • Driver version installed: Currently None.
      • Primary screen: Acer XF240H 144hz. Second screen: Asus VN247H 60hz.
      • Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3P - AM3+
      • CPU: AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 14 MV - Socket AM3+
      • Power Supply: EVGA 500W 80+ Bronze
      • RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz


      Sadly i can't say what Radeon software version i was running. But im pretty sure i was having the one before 17.10.3 .

      So i was playing some Counter Strike the other day when i suddenly started to realise the screen was stuttering. I have never had any problems before. Then after a couple of minutes both of my screens went completely black. My keyboard, mouse and computer was still up and running like usual but the picture wasn't. After a couple of minutes of waiting i force restarted my computer. The windows logo was loading but after that everything went completely black. And there was no picture in my main monitor, only my second.


      So after hours of researching i figured that i could boot up my windows in Safe mode but as mentioned before only my second screen is working. After some more research i figured that i could uninstall/deactivate my current graphic card drivers and restart my computer normally. Then i started to try and reinstall my drivers both with new drivers and old. But everytime the setup was just about to be completed my screen turns black again.. And i have to redo everything again.

      So here i am without AMD Drivers and trying to figure out what to do. Is my graphics card done? Please help, i can't play any games with Windows drivers.


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          according to this website : PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX  you have the minimum PSU amount to run your total computer system. Its says the R9-270X requires a minimum PSU of 500 watts for total system usage. It's possible your PSU, during game play, is not providing sufficient power to the gpu thus making it crash. if your computer was working correctly before updating then most likely it is a driver problem. But still you should upgrade your PSU to prevent any power issues from occurring while running high-end games.


          Also, I am not sure of this, but you have one monitor running at 144hz and the second monitor running at 60hz. How are they connected to your GPU card, HDMI, DVI or DP?

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              I have never had any problem with my current PSU, i can run Arma, Battlegrounds, Battlefield etc. And it all runs ok without crashes. Sure upgrading it would be better but im currently on a budget so i just want to upgrade what's nessecary.


              But yeah, im pretty sure it is the drivers but i can not install either new drivers or old drivers so im stuck and don't know what to do.


              My 144hz is connected via DP and my 60hz is connected via DVI.

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                  Try this if you haven't yet:



                  Make sure your Windows OS is total updated via Windows Update. Update every thing until it comes back No more Updates.



                  go to Windows Control Panel - Uninstall and uninstall any AMD drivers or software listed. Delete in the root directory C:\AMD folder. Also uninstall any 3rd party software similar to MSI Afterburner. These type of programs have issues with AMD Wattman.



                  Download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V17.0.7.8 Released. - Wagnardsoft Forum ). Unpack it and run it in Safe mode. Choose AMD to remove, This will remove all traces left of AMD drivers and Software from your computer. Reboot ( should do this automatically after cleaning).



                  Temporarily disable any Antivirus program. They at time could prevent AMD from installing the driver set.

                  Try reinstalling the last known AMD driver that was working for you. Reboot and see if your computer is now working correctly.

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                      Tried the steps above, didn't help.


                      As mentioned in the previous post, the screen is very much distorted (will try to get you a SS), even after rolling back the driver version, prior to cleaning things up with DDU. Is there any chance the card was just fried due to the issue ? Would a clean windows installation help in any way ?


                      I'm guessing there's probably nothing i can do about it, other than avoid buying AMD cards from now on.


                      The problematic driver version should at least be made unavailable with issues like this. Not sure if this is not tested properly before releasing to production, or there were some other issues, but this is unacceptable when you're dealing with a global product, especially if you influence the purchased hardware in such a way.

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                          Didn't work fo me either. I even emailed AMD support and they said;

                          Thanks for your email.

                          I understand that you are experiencing an black screen issue on your computer when the drivers are installed for your graphic card R9 270X.

                          This issue could be caused due to multiple reasons. To eliminate the driver as the cause, I request you to try performing the clean installation of the driver (17.7.1) and check the outcome.

                          Performing the clean installation of the latest driver could resolve this issue.

                          Please follow the below troubleshooting steps to install the driver.

                          Perform clean uninstallation of the existing driver using DDU Utility (Display Driver Uninstaller) by launching it in Safe mode. It will help you completely uninstall AMD graphics card drivers and packages from your system, without leaving leftovers behind.

                          Once the drivers are uninstalled restart the computer in normal mode, install all the critical and recommended updates from Windows.

                          Then install the 17.7.1 Relive edition driver, provided in the below link:


                          Please perform the above steps and check the outcome.

                          If the issue persists, you may have to test the graphic card on any different good known computer to determine whether the issue is pertaining with the graphic card or with the other

                          system components.

                          Thanks for contacting AMD.


                          It is still the same as before.. This is the last AMD GPU i'm buying. The drivers has always been bad. For example, at one update the drivers was so bad that i could barely run any games (everything ran at like 10-20fps). So i had to revert the drivers which you shouldn't have to do.


                          So now my only option would be to buy a new pc...

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                            In Device Manager, does it show any Yellow Exclamation marks or show that your AMD Display driver is installed and working correctly.?


                            If you have access to your GPU card and it is showing working in Device Manager, You can download a diagnostic program to check to see if your GPU card is failing or not. I use OCCT which is a free program. It stress tests the GPU card at the same time checks for GPU errors. It also shows your PSU outputs and you can determine if your outputs are within range. There are probably other software you can use like Prime95, I believe, as an example.
                            If you should use OCCT, test in full screen with the "Errors" box clicked. It should take about an hour for the test to complete. In OCCT folder is all the logs of the test.

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                          I feel you bruh. I have the same issue with the R7 370. Started happening yesterday after upgrade to 17.10.3.


                          I have the identical simptoms and issues. For me, it's actually even worse, as the screen is completely fracked up, even within the Windows safe mode, with artifacts all over the screen, and the rest of the display heavily distorted. That being said, if you uninstall your AMD drivers within safe mode, using the AMD driver software, or DDU, you will be able to normally boot your windows. At that point, windows will attempt to install latest stable version of your card's drivers. You can avoid this by disabling your connection and then installing the preferred drivers from a local drive.


                          What's odd is that even if i tried this, and rolled back my drivers, i still have the issues that started with the mentioned driver upgrade. I'll try a few previous releases and see what happens, but i'm really afraid that this caused some hardware issues on my card (at the moment of first crash, the card was extremely heated, nothing i've ever seen before when running the heavy artillery games. Hopefully this didn't cause irreparable damage) that i won't be able to solve through driver reinstall.


                          I should probably upgrade my GPU, i just didn't really want this type of incentive

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                        I think the cards are fried by AMD drivers not working to control the fans on the cards.


                        I had the same problem and tried reflowing the card as last resolution, it worked ( temporarly) done it 4-5 times

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                          I have exactly the same issue with the same card but it started 2 days ago when windows had a big update(the one that pulls out homegroups) and haven't figured how to fix it yet, uninstalling drivers work but reinstaling any version brings it back, oddly it doesn't affect my APU and it displays correctly trough post and in UEFI, until windows loads the problem starts