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My HD 8670m graphics stopped working/ unuseable after windows update.

Question asked by weirdpenguin on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by ray_m

Hey guys.


So i´m having a huge issue with my graphic card, it seems to be some how un-useable and i can´t make it work, in crossfire or anything ny useing the catalyst control center.


The name of my pc is : HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC N210eo (specs : A10-5745m APU with HD 8610g (onbord) + HD 8670m graphics, 8gb ram, 1tb harddisk)


After i updated windows 10 recently (Windows 10 update, version 1709 i believe) my HD 8670m graphic card stopped working, and im only running on the APU onbord graphics HD 8610G, which isn´t to great, i can´t even enjoy a youtube video without lagging.


I tried updateing the BIOS to the newest ones, and afterwards downloading the newest Driver for the graphic card (8670m) but it still refuses to work. I went the troubleshooting and tested the card, it is fully functional but somthing seems to be holding it back from working.


Can somone help me with this issue please. I use this notebook as my main pc, as a full time student it is horriable not being able to even use Facebook, or watch a youtube video with out a constant delay, and lagg spikes.


Im aweare that i might just need to wait for new drivers, but is there really notthing i can do ? should i just sit and wait for maybe months until they may or may not give out a update. (and what if they don´t am i stuck with a fully functional graphic card that cant be used ? ~ would be tragic)


Help please.


~ Thanks in advance for your time and help.