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    Drivers Issue on Toshiba M50D-A-118 running Windowx 10


      I have a Toshiba Satellite M50D-A-118 running Windows 10 and I just updated my AMD drivers with the AutoDetection Tool. Everything went fine during the installation but now that I rebooted my system like it told me to do, literally I just have to move my mouse for my whole PC to lag... I can't figure out what the problem is, I've tried to run some programs related to the mouse in compatibility mode with other windows versions, checked device manager to see if anything needed and update, but not only this, the strangest part is that in Task Manager, even when I move my mouse and the PC lags, it says the CPU performance only spikes up around 1% - 4%.

      I really need help since this is making my PC really hard to use and I've played CS:GO, which I play in a different resolution and on fullscreen mode (one of those might have stopped the issue) but when I open the steam overlay with SHIFT+TAB the issue still happens there and when I open the game console aswell. Nothing else on the game lags.. I've also tried using the trackpad but the same thing happens, and my keyboard also seems a bit laggy. Also, I use an external display and have tried to plug it out, update its drivers (which were already updated) but everything remained the same.

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          first rule of Laptop Drivers: use the driver the OEM provides (Toshiba in your case)
          usually OEMs change stuff on their MoBos so the "standard" driver didnt work correctly anymore

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              Thanks for the info didn't know that. On Tom's Hardware however, someone told me to try to clean boot Windows.

              I did as they said but the issue continued. However, by disabling AVG (in msconfig), I clicked on a notification that led me to windows defender. There, I pressed on Performance and state of the device. After that I used the Start from Scratch option (that came with the Creator's Update I believe) which deleted all the apps but not my files, and reset the computer to the factory mode and then the issue stopped and I haven't had it since.


              To anyone having this issue do the following:

              - Have Windows Creator's Update Installed;

              - Go to Windows Defender Center of Security;

              - Click on Aditional Information in the option Start From Scratch;

              - After that all you have to do is click on Get Started and Windows will start reseting your PC. (Took me about 50 Minutes)

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              glad to see that you have found the correct answer to your question.  In order to help others with a similar problem to find this answer quickly, we have locked the discussion to keep it focused on the issue you reported.