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Update failure 17.10.2,17.10.3

Question asked by alles.rhein on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by ray_m

I never had any issues while running on 17.10.1; but since updating to both/ either 17.10.2 and 17.10.3, my drivers seem corrupt.

During the installation process my screen goes black (which is standard, nothing special here), BUT it doesn't turn itself on again. I can still see my mouse icon, but nothing else happens any more.

This always forces me to do a hard reset, which then leaves me with a broken driver status: I can't run any applications from my PC any longer, it always gives out GPU driver errors.

To solve this problem, I have to switch to safe mode, deinstall the current driver and revert it back to 17.10.1, where everything is fine (which means, I always went for the clean install, no dirty work here).



This keeps happening with both 17.10.2, and 17.10.3 drivers!


And thanks to Wolfenstein 2's latest update (which requires 17.10.2 to run at all), I'm not even able to RUN THIS GAME ANY LONGER, which makes me quite angry.


So please, AMD, fix your broken drivers already.



i7 3770


Windows 10