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RX 480 - Laggy Performance When Running 60HZ

Question asked by gamer563 on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by gamer563

I have AMD RX480 and  a 60 to 75hz monitor. I lag on 60 hz. sometimes the game will be smooth, then with just the move of a mouse, it will be come choppy and laggy. 60 fps feels almost like 20, and When I put the 75hz on,everything is fine as in terms of gameplay. And uninstalling the display driver seems to make 60hz run smooth again, but I need Radeon Relive for streaming and recording.  Also not to mention lowering the resolution and keeping it in 60hz has to be the most laggiest experience possible in windows. Youtube videos lag unless in 480, windows to open are very very choppy. Only if there is a 75hz option is my problem solved, but once again I would love to be able to game with 60hz again.


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