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Reverted back to 17.7.2, can't update anymore.

Question asked by jimmymenendez99 on Oct 31, 2017
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I just reverted to 17.7.2, the last stable driver I know to me, that doesn't crash on all games I play, since the last 3 (17.10.1, 17.10.2, 17.10.3) caused some games to crash, especially the last one (PES 2018, Siege, Battlefield 1, Need for Speed, ...) but now I get this weird 'currently installed' number when I look for updates, and the Radeon Settings program can't find any updates either.


I used DDU in safe mode to uninstall 17.10.3 and installed 17.7.2 as admin while Windows Updates were turned off. I will provide a picture of the screen I get when I want to look for updates.


So my question basically is, is there any problem with this? Or is this just a display problem and is 17.7.2 correctly installed?



Ryzen 5 1600X

RX 580 8GB

16GB DDR4 2400