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R9 290 HDMI Monitor Loses Signal - 17.10.3

Question asked by gazpa on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by ltcabron

Hello there!


So 2 months ago my old radeon stopped working. Replaced it with a new one, also radeon, and after 1 month my monitor losses the HDMI signal randomly. The only way to provoke it is when I get killed in CS: GO or try to aim with a long range weapon. The rest of the time just happens randomly.


I tried to replace the monitor but the same thing happened. My drivers are up to date so that part is also covered. A friend of mine told me it could be the power supply unit so I need to buy one I guess.


Also noticed that when hovering over certain controls in a Chrome Youtube tab, the colors will invert for a milisecond, hope that helps.


Is there any way to diagnose what is my problem so I don't have to throw more money down the drain? Also, I would love to keep this computer and not have to buy a new one...


Note: Forcing multiple alt+tab combinations yesterday ended up in a windows 10 error screen that something somethign went below zero count in the graphics card.


Thanks in advance!


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