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windows 8.1 support

Question asked by r3aper on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by locodicegr

The last driver version which was released for Windows 8.1 was 17.7.1.  I know this operating system is not supported by newer model cards including Vega, but it is supported by my current card.  I have a Radeon R9 390X.  Will there be any more drivers for Windows 8.1, even periodic ones?  This operating system is still fully supported by Microsoft and has not even entered it's extended support phase yet.  THere are drivers for Windows 7, which is much older.  Nvidia still releases drivers for Windows 8.1, there's no reason not to release them for cards which support the OS.  I just bought Wolfenstein The New Colossus and it ran beautifully.  They just released a forced Steam update which has a version check built in.  It REQUIRES you to be using the latest AMD drivers, which are not released for my OS.  So Microsoft still supports the OS, the game developer outright states that it is compatible with Windows 8.1, and I purchased it because of that.  Apparently it only supports my OS if I own an Nvidia card.  This is not acceptable and is pushing people away from AMD.