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Laptop not always using dedicated graphics for gaming (using integrated graphics instead)

Question asked by hacs on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by goodplay

Basically, I've noticed after a software update from radeon 16 to 17; my laptop has been using integrated graphics instead of my dedicated (r7 m440) for gaming. I get much lower frame rates and I was able to confirm this theory by viewing the stats on MSI afterburner.


For example, GTA 5, Just cause 2 work perfectly fine. But after an update, DOOM stopped using my dedicated graphics as well as ravenfield (worked before) and Zombie Army Triology 3.

If you have any steps that I could take to improve my problem it would be greatly appreciated


I've tried many things such as reinstalling the drivers and even reinstalling windows. But nothing


*yes I do have a hybrid graphic settings in the radeon settings control pannel but I've set all the game profiles to max performance. Nothing works


My laptop:

Dell 15 i5567

core i7-7500

16 gm RAM

R7 m440 (It is supposed to be m445 but the update switched that too, maybe this is the problem)

AMD 17.10.2