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Why no single slot 570?

Question asked by ramchyld on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2018 by ramchyld

So I was watching Youtube the other day and Linus Tech Tips brought up the Galax GeForce Katana 1070. I think it's a cool idea since my thought on GPU cooling nowadays is that they've become so big that they occupy multiple slots and obstruct other slots that I may need to use, but of course being a supporter of team red, I'd love an AMD solution instead. However, I could not find any company making AMD equivalent. Why isn't anyone making a single slot RX 570? I found rumors of a single slot XFX RX 560, but could not actually find proof that the card was being produced. Yes, single slot RX 550 cards exist, but imo the 550 is severely underpowered for gaming when you want everything turned up to the max, having only 512 shaders.


So yeah, why aren't there any companies making single slot RX 570 cards? If the green team can do it, surely the red team can to, and probably do it better thanks to the high efficiency of the Polaris architecture!