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[Win10] System doesnt see Raid10 drives after fresh install

Question asked by vetal on Oct 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by amdmatt

Hi, i have my previous config: Samsung SSD 32 Gb + Raid10 (4 x WDC). It worked perfect. 32 Gb is not enough for Windows to update, so it didnt update it for a year or so. Raid itself was made via raidXpert.

Today i've bought new SanDisk 240Gb SSD. I've installed fresh Windows 10, and the problem is that it just cant see my Raid.


I've found this article:
It says, after KB3176493, Windows is using only signed drivers, etc. I've installed raidXpert, it works fine (i can access it via http://localhost:25902/, it says AMD Chipset SATA Controller, Driver Version 3.7.1540.43), but freaking Windows is just not showing it!


Are there any known workarounds?



Device manager:

Device manager2:***.png

Disk manager:



One of the RAID drives fell off (i've plugged both SSDs to transfer the data, so second one went instead of one of the Raid drives - i'll fix it later).