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RX580 Screen Gliteches / Losing Signal 17.10.2 Win 10

Question asked by asho94 on Oct 29, 2017
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hi i have a Radeon rx580 red devil running crimson relive 17.10.2  i am having issues with is losing signal and glitching and the screen going thermal colours and blurry i have attached photos so you can see what i i mean i have done a clean install on each update i swapped my card for a new one and i am having the exact same issues as i had before i have tried turning on and off the virtual super resolutions and the GPU scaling and it dose it less when they are both off but still doing it sometimes is completely losses signal and the only way to get my screen to come back on is to do a hard restart some times it come back and losses it right away again and just keep flashing back on and off i have all so tried this on a friend pc that has the same kind of rig i do we installed the crimson relive software again but on a older version 17 .7.7 and it was still doing it so any ideas or maybe it is a compatibility issues my rig set up is listed below  the issues only happen when i am exiting a game or watching a video or clicking out of app for the thermal colours and it is only losing signal when i change one of the settings Eg virtual super resolution or GPU scaling Etc or exit a full screen mode


OS win10 pro 64bit

CPU AMD ryzen 7 1800x

motherboard asus crosshair VI hero

memory  32gb corsair vengence ddr4 2133 mhz

Graphics radeon rx580 red devil 8gb

power supply corsair 550w

screen LG 3840x2160


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