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1800X with multiple issues, now found Seg Fault!!!

Question asked by xbrico on Oct 28, 2017
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I have a 1800X (Installed 15th October - Brand New purchase from Noticing multiple issues under load - custom loop water-cooled so not thermal issue [Chip does run HOT though under load still!!!]. I have ticket number 8200774587 and an RMA was issued (Instability, excess heat and chip requesting a LOT of voltage).
Under windows I was receiving:


Reported by component: Processor Core

Error Source: Machine Check Exception

Error Type: Cache Hierarchy Error

Processor APIC ID: 3


I have now, with further testing, noticed that I am getting segmentation faults. I have been issued with an RMA (this was pre-segV fault finding...was approved Tuesday 24th October) but on looking at costs of shipping from Ireland, this is like €80!!! Plus, I decommissioned my Devil's Canyon to build this machine (VGA, SSD, etc.) - something I am now sorely regretting!!! and I find AMD won't "X-Ship" a new CPU as I am not a business. Can AMD provide a pre-paid label to ship this from Ireland to the Netherlands? If one of the mods sees this, I can provide RMA number - again, I can also now add evidence of SegV fault to the ticket (which i think is what windows is showing above in its own way - and I can help the windows community recreate this fault if required with no effort or special scripts!) - can this be replaced by AMD as X-Ship or at a minimum, provide a pre-paid label for me to ship as early as possible?


Thank you in advance.