R9 390 Win 10 - Blackscreen/freeze after installing AMD driver

Discussion created by drmoopy on Oct 28, 2017
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Hello. My problem is that if i install the driver for my GPU i get a blackscreen/freeze shortly after the end of the installation or 2-3min after i start my PC with the driver installed.

I found this thread: To people who have instant Black Screen or Freeze on installing ANY AMD driver about it. It seem that i have the 3issues but I don't have a blackscreen during the installation but after it so i don't know if it's really this problem. I have no idea how to fix this, I tryed to uninstall with DDU, install older driver but nothing seem to work.


Thanks for the help.



-Sapphire Radeon R9 390 NITRO Tri-X OC (UEFI/Backplate) , 8 Go


-Windows 10 64bit

-No driver

-Philips 273E3LH, connected with HDMI

-MSI 970 Gaming

-AMD FX-8320 (8CPUs) ~3.5GHz

-Bequiet Power Zone 750W

- RAM 8Go


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