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    17.10.3 and Overwatch


      How is this latest 17.10.3 driver and Overwatch? Any crashes or stutters as with the previous drivers? Just curious as I'm still stuck on 17.7.1 (over 3 months old now) and really would like to update to the latest driver.


      Can AMD give some insight on exactly what the problem is? Who is at fault here, Blizzard or AMD? Why aren't Nvidia cards having any problems with Overwatch?

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          According to another Thread... This Update you are talking about crashes your Computer...


          & that's not even related to Overwatch...


          Looks like 17.7.1 is the best Driver right now...


          By the way, my R9 270X has run I think 17.8.1 or whatever perfectly fine... But i'm worried that if I update any further that I might run into problems...


          So i'm staying with that for now...

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            17.7.2 - added random crashes in Overwatch

            17.8.2 - added bugs in The Witcher 3 while using HBAO+

            17.10.1/17.10.2/17.10.3 -- added random crashes in Rise of the Tomb Raider , GTA V and Rainbow Six Siege , and texture glitches in Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3

            It seems like AMD really likes to 'improve' their drivers over time. *FineWine* kappa


            For now , i will just stay with 17.7.1 , as it is the newest stable driver version .


            Btw , i think it's AMD's fault , beacuse every driver since 17.7.2 (including 17.7.2) was crappy .


            When it comes to this community forum , they just read and move along , so if you want a reply from AMD , good luck waiting for that reply .