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    a10 8780p 17.7.2  No Dual Graphics Toggle


      hi, i have a laptop hp 15ab 112nl and has a processor amd a10 8780p APU.

      The primary gpu is an amd radeon r7 with 512mb dedicated and a discrete amd r7 m360 with 2GB dedicated.

      I think i have everything updated: bios, windows, amd relieve 17.7.2 (the last for this hardware) and the chipset drivers.

      On the setting i have selected amd radeon dual graphics on and high performance in all the running applications but here is the problem, in almost all the applications i've tryed goes just the primary gpu, dual graphics is almost always off (but gpu z shows me 2 gpu enabled).

      how can i solve it? and if is not possible to have dual graphics always on i'd like to use the discrete gpu as primary.


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