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When comes the Driver update for Crossfire in Assassins Creed Origins?

Question asked by themelo44 on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2017 by themelo44

Hey there,


first my PC Settings:

- CPU: AMD FX 9590

- GPU R9 295x2 with Software: 17.10.2

- 32 GB RAM

- Mainboard: Crosshair Formula Z from ASUS

- Windows 10

nothing OC


So I saw in the ingame benchmark of Assassins Creed Origins that only one chip is used the other is at 0%. So I asked Ubisoft and they said AMD is responsible for the work of crossfire in a game. When will come the update that crossfire will work?


Thanks for the help.


P.S. I watched in the Forum for a related question, but found nothing. Is there one please apologize.