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PC crash while playing, reboot and no longer detect gpu

Question asked by anonymous_ on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2017 by anonymous_

Hello guys, I have a big problem: I was in the settings menu in UBS and pc rebooted and then no longer detected gpu, no display from the card (I needed to plug the HDMI in the mobo), I couldn't open AMD Crimson because "no hardware detected". I tried DDU uninstall in safe mode, tried to reinstall and got error "no hardware detected". I tried a manual install but "windows thinks you have the best driver" (microsoft display adapter), I tried to reseat the card, tried to change psu cable, tried to clean up everything from dust, tried to go in BIOS and PEG was setted (not IGD), I tried to update BIOS to the latest version manually, I tried to reset the COMOS using a jumper.



The conditions are these: the card is lights up, led and fans on, if I disconnect it from mobo the pc don't reboot, but with the old BIOS the pc rebooted (so I think the mobo detects it), when I unplug the card just from mobo it lights down (I think it's normal), the card is correctly powered (I use the same cables since I bought it and always worked), I reseated the card and heard the "clack", neither in the BIOS and in the device manager (or gpu-z or all other software) I can see the card. I uninstalled every driver (the Intel driver of the cpu graphic) but the gpu is not detected.



xfx gtr rx 480 8gb

msi h170m pro-vdh

intel core i5 6500

g.skill 2x4gb 2133Mhz

beQuiet pure power 9 500w



Sorry for the bad english   I can't try it in another pc or try another card in this PC and my mobo has just 1 pci-e.