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    17.10.2, 17.10.3 error no OpenGL and Stuck on windows Boot


      Windows 10 64bit Enterprise N
      Build 14393 (not creator update)

      8gb ram

      Pentium G4560
      RX 470 4gb


      My windows gave me the error of no Opengl in 17.10.2, i revert it back to 17.10.1,  and after the 17.10.3 is up, i downloaded it and gave me the similiar result of no OpenGL and stuck in Windows Boot up, I think Maybe the problem is that the driver ( 17.10.2 and 17.10.3) is implemented the Fall Creator Update, that some people doesnt have the update yet. can be the driver be universal and not requiring ther creator update? because i am stuck now cannot play wolfenstein and assasin creed in its full potential in this card.