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a10-9700 & windows 10 pro 64bit ver 1709 fall creators edition , cant install latest driver, starts & downloads driver, then reboots & say cant install driver, worked fine on 1703

Question asked by on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by ray_m

New Machine asrock ab350m pro4, amd a10-9700 processor, new install of win 10 pro 64 Bit, went to install latest amd video driver, started install, then machine rebooted, says no video driver. can not find video. video up but as default windows driver. dumped hard drive & loaded ver 1703. video is fine . updated to ver1709, crashes video. will not let video driver install. just reboots machine tried to run windows update, downloads video driver and reboots , can not install driver. also when it gets ready to reboot there is a loud squalling sound a couple of times.

any help would be nice.

this is the second a10-9700 we have used. other system is on 1703 working fine,