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RX 560 not switching properly

Question asked by redcor3 on Oct 28, 2017

Hi. I'm using Lenovo Legion Y520 with Intel i5 and Radeon RX 560. My problem is that Radeon is not switching properly. When I'm starting eg. FIFA/Mass Effect Andromeda everything works fine & smooth and games are using RX, but when I start NBA 2K18/2K17 or Need for Speed m laptop is using Intel Graphics. I've tried turning off Intel Graphics and then turning on game, but it's not working, games are using Microsoft Default Render Driver then. BIOS is offering me using either only integrated card or both integrated & dedicated, can't find "only dedicated" setting.


I have Radeon Crimson ReLive with latest drivers.


Win 10 64bit
AMD Radeon RX 560
Driver Version: 17.10.1
Crimson ReLive


Intel i5 7th Gen