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Game Crash - DoS2

Question asked by eligio19 on Oct 28, 2017

Hi there,


I have a problem with this error showing up whenever I do the following:


  • launching the game at Fullscreen
  • alt+tab out of the game (Fullscreen)
  • a Steam Friend PMs you (which leads to tabbing out of the game)
  • play at Fake Fullscreen. (although I can launch it at Windowed Mode with huge stuttering)






The game has encountered an unrecoverable DirectX error and will shut


This error may be triggered by reasons that are not related to Divinity:
Original Sin 2.


Please try the following before restarting:

  - Disable any screen recording software you may be running.

  - Make sure you have the latest graphics drivers installed.

  - Disable SLI/CrossfireX


We are sorry for the inconvenience.



Description: Hardware device removed.







My GPU is HD 8500M. Ever since I switched from the integrated gfx to this, I can play at a smoother FPS but then it will crash
provided with the conditions. It's really frustrating and I have never encountered this problem from other games. Also, I do not have
any recording software, I have updated my graphics drivers, I do not have CrossfireX feature.


Thanks in Advance.