1920 x 2160 resolution possible? W2100 FirePro

Discussion created by kip1790 on Oct 27, 2017
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I have a 50" Samsung Smart TV. My w2100 FirePro card outputs 4k resolution and displays on the TV via HDMI very nicely. Windows resolution is 3840 x 2160.


PIP feature would allow me to connect 2 x PCs to the one TV in a split screen setup.


However, the 3840 x 2160 res of each TV is now squashed to fit each half of the TV. Hence I would like to specify a 1920 x 2160 resolution in Windows for each PC to make up the 3840 x 2160 full screen.


I have tried FirePro Control Center to create a custom resolution. It says this resolution is not compatible with the display when I try to verify.

I also tried to force an additional resolution of 1920 x 2160 by using the CRU utility and modifying the registry for the graphics card. Windows shows it as an option but rejects it flat out (black screen and then reverts on timeout).


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Chris