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    HDMI not working on Radeon HD 6950


         I have an HIS 6950 2gb and I can't find a way to make hdmi connection to work. I have tried three different cables, two monitors and one TV. The monitors with DVI works without any issue, with HDMI I can't see anything, my monitor says "no signal". Only the TV barely works, I see something but it's unusable. I don't connect HDMI and DVI at the same time since due to hardware limitations both ports can't work together


      My setup:


      • AMD Graphics Card

            HIS Radeon 6950 2gb

      • Desktop
      • Operating System
        • W7 64bit
      • Driver version installed

                Radeon Software Version 16.2.1

      • Display Devices
        • Dell  se2717h 1920x1080@60hz
        • Asus vw246h 1920x1080@60hz
        • Samsung UE32H5500 1920x1080
      • Motherboard + Bios Revision
        • Asus M4A78 Pro
      • CPU/APU
        • AMD Phenom II 720 x3
      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
        • Can't remember right now, 600w Corsair I think
      • RAM
        • 4gb
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          Did HDMI stop working immediately after installing the last BETA AMD legacy driver or was HDMI working normally with the BETA driver installed and then stopped working afterwards?


          Try installing the last Qualified AMD Legacy Driver (Catalyst) rather than the AMD Crimson BETA and see if your HDMI starts working again.

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              Before those drivers I used the latest legacy (15.something). I can't even see POST so I guess it's not the drivers's fault... I will give it a shot though.

              What I found baffling is that I can't find anything in the settings menu about I/O, connection and such. This is my first AMD card - had the same Nvidia for about eight years now - and it's everything pretty new to me.

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                I have the same problem and it seems like you could help me!
                You asked if he had problems with previous drivers. I noticed a weird thing when uninstalling and installing drivers. So as I said i have the same problem (HDMI not working). Here's the weird part : when i uninstall graphics drivers, HDMI starts working. When I install drivers again it stops working during the installation. So drivers are problem 100% since HDMI stops working when I install them. Can you help me with this?

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                Any chance you ever figured this issue out? I have a similar problem trying to run an HDMI cable from my cross-fired 6950s to my older LG Flatron monitor that will only accept VGA or HDMI. (Yes I know its a relic but its all I have right now). I can only get a full desktop display if I use an adapter DVI-I to VGA but could never get it to work by using a good/tested HDMI cable. I just updated to Windows 10, from 7 and determined to finally figure this issue out, least I hope to.


                The odd thing with mine is the HDMI cable will allow a signal to the screen. Naturally, the VGA cable is disconnected when I can do this and my monitor input is switched to HDMI. However only the windows desktop background displays. The whole desktop is slightly enlarged and shifted to the left, so I cant see any of the desktop icons, which I presume are there because I can right click on the desktop to bring up stuff such as the catalyst controller but when it opens... its to far to the left to view on my monitor. I even tried manually scrolling through my monitors button to shift the scree etc.

                I'm guessing its something to do with an incorrect driver, so just I tried the last driver which offers Legacy support but that wouldn't even allow me to see anything. My monitor didn't display a thing. If anyone has some ideas on this I would appreciate it. I'm considering pick up a new monitor but if I can get my 24" Flatron to work I'll hang onto it for a while.

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                    I have the same problem!

                    I also have HD6950 GPU and LG Flatron monitor. When i connect GPU to monitor using VGA it WORKS! But when i try to connect it with HDMI it shows no signal.
                    One thing I noticed is HDMI works when i uninstall graphics drivers. I then leave monitor connected via HDMI and during driver installation it stops receiving signal.

                    That sounds like important clue. Did you maybe fix the problem?

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                        Through researching online, I ended up discovering that the LG Flatron's were bad right out of the box.

                        Maybe a correction was eventually made by LG but I couldn't find any reference to it. You would think LG would have addressed this back when these monitors hit the market but apparently that never happened. Maybe lots of people were still using VGA so they didn't care.

                        I ended up replacing my monitor a few days ago and my 6950s worked just fine going from DVI on the 6950 to DVI on the new monitor.


                        The issue turns out to be VGA analog is fine but the HDMI display isn't functional. The EDID extensions are wrong in that row 7E, the (01) should be (00)

                        This is one video shows a guy talking you through it. There are a few other EDID discussions about this very problem.

                        LG L245WP/L246WP monitor HDMI fix - writing EDID via I2C under Ubuntu LiveUSB - YouTube

                        If you start reading about the monitor's EDID you learn it's fixable but you manually need to change the setting and its a little advanced.

                        Again, I figured it was time to replace my monitor (having already had to replace several bulging capacitors a few years back) so I'm not going to bother anymore but you can fix it,  if your inclined to do so.

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                            So you got HDMI working?
                            I'm glad if you did, but I tried connecting HD6950 using HDMI on brand new TV and same thing happens, no signal. So it's some other problem for me.

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                                No... I never bothered to go any further with it. I'm sure its not to difficult to follow how to reset the correct EDID values, but I didn't spend the time on it.

                                I ended up picking up a new monitor instead and decided to do a new Ryzen build with Windows 10, since I was going on almost 5 years with my current build with Windows 7.

                                I'm not sure what to say if you tried hooking the 6950 via HDMI into a TV, aside of having to select HDMI as your TV's input I'm not sure what else to say. It sounds like your HDMI cable is functioning properly and the HDMI input on the TV is also good to go, so I'm suspecting its a driver issue/Catalyst control center. I made a note that I was running the 15.7.1 AMD Catalyst driver.

                                Hopefully someone here can chime in and help you figure this out. I know exactly how frustrating it is.