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Ive encountered several issues with driver installation under the new version of winwars.

First, i could not install (new version) of the driver what so ever. The installation process stopped always on display driver (hdmi/audio driver seem to install with no issues!?).

Task manager showed Microsoft Driver Installation Module at constant 15-20% cpu usage not doing anything at all. After process is killed installation continues but unsuccessfully at the end.

If its not killed manually the process will die from natural causes after about 10 minutes yielding same result.

After several resets, tries with DDU and AmdDU, Driver installation module thing got enraged to the point where it did not allow even microsoft update drivers or generic uPnP drivers anymore.

( After uninstalling mouse driver, for testing purposes, i ended up with no mouse support as even HID compliant generic mouse driver could not be enabled.


<Because Microsoft>

One clean windows install later . . . .

From official W10FCU v1709 installer. . . .

Resulting in Start menu not working from the 1st boot . . .

And setting menu and its applets dying . . .

And having to update windows via Powershell. . . .

Which fixed it.

</Because Microsoft>

After this 17.10.2 installed successfully. albeit kinda slow.


I ended up with second bug, or should i say more buggy version of the bug.

Dear AMD driver devs, since the very introduction of Enhanced sync setting in control centre it did not play nice with my web browser. Having this option selected while watching a youtube video on Vivaldi browser resulted in massive screen tearing located top 10~% of the screen-ish and no combination of about:\\vivaldi settings of HW acceleration could fix it.

Under W10 Fallen from floor lvl update enabling Enhanced sync and full screen video results in monitor reset followed by cute Green Screen Of Death.

If i have to choose between the 2 i prefer tearing, green is not my favourite colour tbh.


Third thing is crashiness generated by this driver is unreal. Division dx11 mode basically unusable, crashes at menu screen. Dx9 mode crashes driver every 30-1h. Blade & Soul online makes driver crash few times but dosnt break the game surprisingly, Eve online crashes the driver every now and then but that also doesnt stop the game, etc. Its all well and good u made driver that improves performance in Grindestiny 2 a lot but if its so crashy it should be hidden beta of beta of alpha and not a main page, advertised release.

I can tell 70% of the fault is on Microsoft side but still most of generic peeps are gona remember this as "AMD releases broken drivers" thing.

This third section ^ was also observed by my friend running similar gpu configuration.





System details:

  • Sapphire 480 4GB Oc
  • Desktop
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Fall from floor lvl update x64 v1709 b16299.19, not-bought-on-torrents-edition
  • Radeon Software Crispycream Edition 17.10.2 
  • LG29EAsomthingrather 21:9 2560x1080
  • Asus p67 Sabertat , Bios latest but Old because Asus gives 2 year bios support for a motherboard with 5 year warranty (sorry i had to)
  • i7 2600k 4.3Ghz
  • Corsair Ax850w
  • 16 Gb Somethingrather multibrand whatever 1600mhz


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