Having a few problems

Discussion created by gunner on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by black_zion

I'm looking for someone that knows anything about Radeon software and can help me install Crimson ReLive. I'm continulously getting "Radeon Software (17.7.2) has been partially installed. Error 1603 - A general error has occurred during the installation of the AMD software package.

I have gone through a few things to trouble shoot this issue, as stated on the website listen for support. I've repaired system registry and files, I've made sure windows is up to date, I've made sure my anti virus is off, and I've made sure I'm attempting to download the latest version of this program.

All my drivers are up to date as well. There is one trouble shooting method I have yet to try, which is resolve driver and software conflicts. I have yet to do so due to the fact that the program literally refuses to download any drivers, so if I do a clean install of the drivers (removing and replacing them via the software) I feel as thought there is an incredibly high chance I'm going to lose the drivers, that I can't seem to find anywhere else online.

I am only able to find the driver downloads in the Crimson ReLive download. I've also noticed it states if I chose to use their program to do a clean install of the drivers I will be unable to roll my computer back, which makes me even more skeptical.



Does anyone know exactly what I'm to do in this situation?