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The new 17.10.2 driver show me strange "inverse" colors.

Question asked by magoguitarrista on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2017 by magoguitarrista

When I update my R7 370 to this new version strange things happens on Youtube, while I specificly put my mouse on some bars the colors of the video change like an inverse color filter, blue turns red, etc...
Going back to old drivers fix this.
I also notice that the mouse won't disappear on full screen videos on Youtube nor VLC since this update.


This is how the video looks:
And this is who it looks (For a second) And approximately cause the effect was very difficult to catch on sight so I had to put the inverse filter on paint but is pretty much how it looks for a second:
So in order to reproduce this error:
I have an R7 370, Windows Fall Creators Update the only thing that i have change is the drivers so:
Download and install the 17.10.2
Restart, open your browser, open a video on youtube
This doesn't happen on small screen so turn full screen on the video and voila...
When you put the mouse somewhere between the volume and "next" video or the tittle upside your screen would fliker a second with this colours...
I also notice it happens when Windows 10 notifications centers pops up with some message.


Anyone else having this problem? Bug? Any solution? (Besides downgrading to 17.7 driver)