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17.10.2 Eyefinity ?

Question asked by triple on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2017 by triple



With new beta drivers (17.10.2) eyefinity do not work properly. (with clean install , registry and all, I'm a Beast )


Cannot make an Eyefinity group  without hang.


Bezel correction don't working, artifacts and freezes.


revert to 17.9.3 for working fine.


Can you make something please for the next whql because, I want play to Wolfenstein 2 and Destiny 2 with good Performance until my vega 64 strix will coming in store...







Corsair tx750M

r9-290 tri-x

Club 3d - Displayport mst HUB csv 5300H

win 10 creator update 64 Bits (version 1703)


5 screens portrait mode configuration (6260x1920 bezel compensed) :

2 screens by  DVI-D

3 screens by  MST HUB