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    GTA V crashes steadily with 17.10.2 x64 RX480 Driver


      My GTA V steadily keeps crashing since I've installed the newest Driver.
      Had to reverse to an older driver so I can play the game again.


      Error code from GTA V: err_gfx_d3d

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          The new driver 17.10.2 crashes Rise of the Tomb Raider as well... It looks like AMD can only deliver crappy drivers since 17.7.2 (including 17.7.2) . For now , i recommend using 17.7.1 , as it is the newest stable driver .


          17.7.2 - added random crashes in Overwatch

          17.8.2 - added bugs in The Witcher 3 while using HBAO+

          17.10.1/17.10.2 -- added random crashes in Rise of the Tomb Raider and GTA V , and texture glitches in Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3

          It seems like AMD really likes to 'improve' their drivers over time. *FineWine* kappa

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            19/01/2018.. GTA V still crash with 17.12.2 and 18.1.1 drivers. D3D error, radeon app stop working.. u can choose.


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                Hi giug86, I got most recently the same problem with my rig in gta and may found out a little of its cause.

                i used Cinebench and GPU Caps to find any possible holes and what not in the GPU as it runs fine in any other game without crashes as just GTA V does so.

                It turns out to be that OpenGL crashed on the Card as Result of Playing the Game,

                In my test Before and after playing GTA V Cinebench gives me two kind of results the following:

                The first Test runs Flawless showing me the 70-75FPS as test Mark as the render image is green before the test begins,

                in the second Test  after a round of GTA V Cinebench refuses to test OpenGL showing me the Error:

                "OpenGL Reference Matching Test Failure! Error in rendering are to displayed as red pixels. the difference with the reference image is too great."



                This means in short somehow does GTA V since a few updates if AMD or R* side put in the open, stops to work due D3D Error that is caused by OpenGL somehow.


                I asume it has to nothing to much with the drivers since OpenGL works just fine after a fresh install of the drivers,

                and playing other games that eat as much resources as GTA V does on PC doesnt cause to crash it.

                I tryed many things by now  as Upgrading or downgrading my GPUs driver by Clean install and reinstall or even switching (not that more recommended) the GPUs Vendor name in Device-Manager to an HD Series model but it didnt help any  i hope AMD techis read all of out problems her helping us to fix this mess ^^


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