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RX Vega 56 Ignoring Wattman Setting's While Connected to 4k monitor/tv

Question asked by mrsnowmobiling on Oct 25, 2017


I am having a rather annoying issue with my RX Vega card ignoring wattman settings while connected to my tv over HDMI. I have it normally running an undervolt so the card runs cooler.


The problem comes from as soon as I connect the monitor to the card, it doesn't go in the lowest powerstate anymore and ignores my undervoltt settings on the high end. Power consumption is much higher when this happens and I am obviously losing performance.


I will also state for the record, this issue happens when I am also in a skype video chat, or discord chat (basically anything that uses video acceleration) alongside playing a game. Power consumption shoots 120+ watts over just the gaming load (190w to 320w) which causes my undervolt to not be an undervolt anymore, and card uses so much power that my settings become unstable and card crashes usually within a minute.


Both of these issues are really annoying. I DO NOT want to have to disconnect my tv every time I play and I also don't want my card crashing whenever I play a game and happen to be talking on skype.