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    Multiple Issues Since Updating To 17.10.2 - Fury X


      So i have updated to 17.10.2 with my R9 Fury but now most games refuse to boot,

      PUBG says it requires DX11 feature level 10.0 to run the engine (I have checked and found that my DX is up to date)

      Destiny 2 fails to detect GPU with the error code "Chive"

      Overwatch fails to detect GPU with the error code 0xE0070160, No compatible graphics hardware was found.

      Diablo 3 crashes upon boot

      Dark Souls 3 Crashes on boot

      Fallout 4 does not give any resolution options and crashes on boot


      Meanwhile older titles such as

      Borderlands 2

      Dark souls 1

      Bioshock Infinite


      Seem to load & play just fine without any issues.


      For the time being i'm going to rollback to my previous driver but please do fix these problems as soon as possible


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          I have some serious issues since updating to Windows Creator Fall update and 17.10.2..


          Same card as well R9 Fury

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            Seems to be a lot of issues with this release so I'll add mine here.

            this is on my RX580 Win10 x64 fall creators update in.

            1) install went well until the end. Finished with error 1603?  or something like that. Asked to run sfc and dism and check for updates. All of which passed.

            2) checked install log and everything installed except install manager.

            3) ran R6Seige's benchmark and machine crashed to unresponsive black screen. Had to warm restart.

            Ended up DDUing it and replacing with WHQL 17.7.2 and all is well.

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              Maybe we can make this a megathread I'll add mine here as well.

              - Driver "amdkmdap" keeps constantly crashing mid game or when changing settings in RadeonSettings

              - Can't uninstall 17.10.2 through windows: Unable to uninstall 17.10.2 - RX 480

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                As well as posting on the AMD forum...you can also report the issue to Microsoft How to report Windows 10 bugs to Microsoft?

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                  Vega 56 owner (no overclocking)


                  - Texture errors - Forza Horizon 3

                  - Extremely long loading times (SSD) - Forza Horizon 3

                  - Freezes &  crashes - Forza Horizon 3

                  - HDR problems (known) with LG OLED in Forza Motorsport 7


                  - Forza Horizon 3 seems to have a higher FPS

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                    Hi Everyone,


                    Just created an account to document this issue as well along with the really really long loading times.

                    I too am having Texture loading issue on Vega 64 LC


                    I captured screenshots 3840x1600 with freesync on (images resized for posting)




                    32gb Ram

                    Core i7 6700k Skylake

                    Windows 10 10.0.15063 Build  15063

                    Forza 2.jpg

                    Forza 1.jpg

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                        Same deal here pelicankilla


                        You can reproduce the TEXTURE glitces 100% by going to the beach area (Red circle if you should miss it )


                        It's on the cliff walls - rocks, and sometimes also the beach itself is ruined by texture errors.


                        VEGA 56 - NO OC - 17.10.2 (I went back to 17.10.1 and it's gone, but the framerate is about 5-10fps lower same settings as 17.10.2)



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                        mobo: ga-z170-mx5

                        cpu: i7 6700k

                        GPU: " AMD MSI Radeon R9 380 4GB "

                        ram: corsair lpx ddr4 2666 c15

                        OS: Win 10 Pro


                        After installing 17.10.2, my pc became unstable & my gpu was rendered useless. Uninstalling the driver manually through windows does not remove the driver completely, even if you run a deep cleaner. I was only able to remove the driver 17.10.2, after I used a 3rd party software called Display Driver Uninstaller. At which point I was able to use my igfx to install a older driver, 17.4.4 and restore the use of both my gpu & pc.


                        After 2+ years of near perfect driver operations, I am wondering if AMD's focus on both Ryzen & Vega may have allowed for older hardware to have been overlooked.

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                            First I have to say I  had trouble with it too. The only reason I tried the update was because it was for creator's fall update. Call me crazy but I thought I'd see some improvement with my RX580.  That didn't work out...

                            So back to my regular habit of only updating when a whql version comes out. And my older computers with older video can go without any updates until absolutely necessary. When it comes right down to it, I've never seen much of an improvement by updating drivers. Only once, for ELITE, was it a necessity.

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