Great budget combo Ryzen 3 1200 & Drevo X1 SSD (240gb)

Discussion created by xobeloot on Oct 25, 2017

I was recently sent a couple of samples from Drevo to add to my upcoming mod, but I just so happened to also be working on a Pay It Forward build running a Ryzen 3 1200 in it. 


The Ryzen 3 is a little work-horse.  Overclocked to 3.8 without touching the voltage!  Well, I paired that with the Drevo X1 (sells for $79) and for the money, that little drive screams.


The benchmarks were a bit of a mixed bag, but still quite impressive for the price-point.


Web Bench

X1 Bench.PNG


1GB file AS SSD Bench

X1 1gb file.PNG


10GB AS SSD Bench

X1 10gb file.PNG


The drive itself is a nice gunmetal gray, and the logo on it is actually interesting enough to want to show instead of hide like most other SSDs in this price point.




Overall, the CPU and this drive together made for quite an impressive experience and I can't wait to see what these will do in Raid 0